Annual Winter Closure Extended – Reopening In Person April 6, 2024


Expanding Horizons

Art & Nature Studio Redevelopment


“Art is one of our greatest tools for expressing our shared humanity and for helping us understand our connection within the natural world.”
– Christina Cuthbertson
Executive Director

Our relationship with nature is one of the most pressing issues of our times. At Leighton Art Centre we explore this relationship on 80 acres of grassland in the foothills overlooking the Rocky Mountains.

We do this in many ways, including:

  • Collaborating with artists who engage with natural systems.
  • Working with scientists to care for grassland ecosystems.
  • Honouring Indigenous histories, traditions, and art forms that teach interconnection with nature.
  • Acknowledging that environmental crisis is unevenly born by equity-seeking communities.
  • Centering the needs of the flora and fauna in our operations.
  • Giving children the tools of exploration and creativity, paving the way for future innovators.

For 50 years the Art & Nature Studios have been the site of this important work. Unfortunately, they’re at the end of their lifespans and urgently need to be replaced. We need your help!

Will you join us on this path?

Click the image below or this link for a printable PDF copy of the Expanding Horizons booklet