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Art To Go Classroom Experiences

Our in-school field trip delivers a talented artist-instructor armed with a fresh art project right to your classroom!

Our experienced and enthusiastic educators bring exciting art techniques, materials, and instruction, all wrapped up in an age-appropriate program. Students will learn new visual art skills and have a lot of fun too. Our program can be tailored to to your curriculum focus or delivered as pure visual art instructions. It is an invaluable means of bringing art making to your students!

Class time is approximately one-half day (3 hours) and can be booked for either the morning or afternoon. There is a minimum charge of 20 students for this program.

Art To Go programs are offered during January and February only.

2022-2023 School & Community Groups Program Guide


$20 per student

Financial assistance is available for qualifying schools through the Linda Putnam Legacy Fund, administered by the Calgary Foundation. Please contact us for more information about financial assistance.

Cancellation Policy

28 WORKING DAYS notification required or a charge of $100.00 will be incurred. This does NOT include WEATHER-RELATED CANCELLATIONS.

Booking This Program

We don’t offer online booking for Art To Go sessions. Please contact us at education@leightoncentre.org if you have questions or want to book your class’ program.


Q: Is there a maximum number of classes you can do in one morning or afternoon?

A: We can normally do a maximum of 2 classes in the morning and/or the afternoon. This program is also subject to instructor availability and we will contact you if we are unable to teach all your requested classes.

Q: How many projects can we do in a day?

A: All in-school field trips include one art project. Remember your day also includes a sketchbook session.

Q: Will we have time for a break?

A: Yes! Please communicate with your instructor about the preferred break time.

Q: Do I need to book any volunteers for the Art To Go Program?

A: We recommend having one or two volunteers in class to help students when needed. Volunteers who wish to participate in the art project are asked to bring $5.00 cash to cover material cost. If the school wishes to cover this cost, just let your instructor know and we’ll add it to the invoice. Teachers may participate in the art project at no extra cost.

Leighton Art Centre education programs are generously supported by Calgary Foundation.