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New! Virtual Field Trips

Join us for a virtual field trip where we will bring art and nature from the Leighton Art Centre to you!

Using bones and antlers of local animals as well as photos and images we will explore the Foothills Region. Students will be guided through a landscape drawing and sketching game. We will share stories about the history of the Leightons and their contribution to Canada, Alberta, and Calgary. Through these stories, students will learn about the importance of art to the development of our region. 

Sketchbooks and art supplies will be dropped off at your school for the students to participate in a guided online art project. Our educators will tailor your field trip to meet the unique needs of your classrooms. 

Financial assistance is available for qualifying schools through the Linda Putnam Legacy Fund, administered by the Calgary Foundation. Please contact us for more information about financial assistance. 

Contact us (education@leightoncentre.org) for further information and to book your virtual field trip.